I. Citizens who can enter the Republic of Albania without visas and documents with which they must be equipped:


State Passport ID Card
Andora x
Argentina x
Armenia* x
Australia x x
Austria x x
Azerbaijan* x
Belgium x x
Bosnia and Herzegovina x
Brazil x
Bulgaria x x
Canada x x
Chile x
Croatia x x
Cyprus x x
Czech Republic x x
Denmark x x
Estonia x x
Finland x x
France x x
Germany x x
Greece x x
Hong Kong (China) * x x
Hungary x x
Iceland x x
Ireland x x
Israel x
Italy x x
Japan x
Kazakhstan * x x
Kosova x x
Latvia x x
Lichtenstein x x
Lithuania x x
Luxembourg x x
Macedonia x x
Malajsia x
malta x x
Monaco x x
Montenegro x x
Netherlands x x
New Zeland x x
Norway x x
Poland x x
Portugal x x
Republic of Korea x x
Romania x x
San Marino x x
Serbia * x
Singapore x x
Slovakia x x
Slovenia x x
Spain x x
Sweden x x
Switzerland, x x
Taiwan (China) x
Turkey* x
U.S. x
Ukraine * x
United Kindom x x
Vatican – Holy See x x


II. Lists of states whose citizens enter visa – free because of the liberalization of their visas with the Schengen area:

State Passport
Antigua & Barbuda * x
Bahamas * x
Barbados * x
Brunei * x
Guatemala * x
Honduras * x
Costa Rica * x
Mauritius * x
Mexico * x
Nicaragua * x
Panama * x
Paraguay * x
Salvador * x
Seychelles * x
St. Kitts and Nevis * x
Uruguay * x
Venezuela * x
Macao (China) * x
Moldova x

Note : * If staying more than 90 days over a six-month period, they should
to be equipped with a “D” type visa.

Where is Albania ?!

Where is Albania ?!

In the south-western part of the Balkan peninsula is a state called “Albania”. Residents call it “Shqipëri”, coming from “shqiponjë” , which means eagle.

So on the south-western part of the Balkan peninsula is the land of eagles, a land filled with beauties, a small country surrounded by the alps in the north and by the Adriatic and Ionian coastlines in west.

The country spans 28,748 square kilometres and had a total population of 3 million people as of 2016. The capital of Albania is Tirana in the middle of the country. The highest mountain is Korabi, located in Dibër on the north-eastern. And with a lot of castles to visit.


What to visit in Albania?!


In Albania are a lot of beautiful places to visit, as city’s and villages, mountains and bays. We will show you 4 of the most important city.


As me mention before Tirana is the capital of Albania and there you will find little of it all. The National Museum, which witnesses the history of Albania, the “National Art Gallery in Tirana” where you will find the signs of the communist regime, the Mosque of Et’hem Beut, the Orthodox and Catholic churches. In the streets of Tirana you will see the traditional houses of the Ottoman and later periods, and you will not lose even the night life in a state like Albania.


Shkodra known as the gateway to the Albanian Alps is located in the northeast part of the country surrounded by the waters of three rivers; the Drini, Buna, and Kiri.

There you can visit “Marubi National Museum of Photography” famous for its big and rare collection of photos over Albanian history. Take a tour at the old center of the city called now Pedonalja “ Kol Idromeno” or  eat a lunch across the lake of Shkodra, where you will find the best dishes of Albanian cuisine.


The city of the stone. Gjirokastra is part of the UNESCO heritage list. The city began as a fourth century castle, wich is  today the greatest castle in Albania. Inside the castle, you can visit the Museum of Weapons,opened in 1971. Weapons from the prehistoric times up to the World War II are exhibited on here. The National Folk Festival has taken place in this castle during the years.

The hotels in the Gjirokastër still retain the early architecture and style, so sleeping in Gjirokastër will be a return to history.


Korça called as the city of the “serenata” romantic music, located in the southeastern part of the country is one the most important cultural city. Known for his typical quarters whose streets are paved with cobblestones, low houses with a balcony.

In Korçë  has been established the first school of Albanian language, which is today returned to the Education Museum, as well as a city filled with museums such as: the renewed “National Museum of Medieval Art”, the “Prehistoric Museum”, the “House-Museum of the famous landscape painter Vangjush Mio”, “the Museum of the Oriental Art Bratko”, etc. In the vicinity of the city is the cemetery of French soldiers fallen during the First World War.

Chek also :  How to reach Albania



what to know about albania

what to know about albania

“How to reach Albania” is one of the questions that make us more often, so below we will show you how.

Albania can be reached by :

  • Sky Way
  • By Sea
  • By Land


Sky Way

Its the most easest way to reach Albania.

Albania has only one airport called “Mother Teresa” International Airport, situated in Tirana the capital which is 17 km northwest of Tirana.  The city of Tirana is connected to the airport by public transport service. Departures to the airport are at ‘Dede Gjo Luli’ street, behind the National Museum every one hour starting from 07.00 to 19.00 and the ticket price is approximately 2 euro. Taxi service costs 20 euro.



The Flight Company :


Belgrado/ Serbia : AIR SERBIA.

Brussels : Jetairfly.

Frankfurt/ Germania : LUFTHANSA.


Italia : ALITALIA, Ernest S.p.a, BLUE PANORAMA AIRLINES SPA, Albawings, Mistral Air.

Ljubljana/Slovenia : ADRIA AIRWAYS.

London Gatwick/Ingland : BRITISH AIRWAYS.




 By Sea

Albania you can enter from Italy and Greece through the ports of Durres, Vlora, and Saranda. In fact several foreign companies operate in the ports of:


Port of Durres

It connects with the Italian ports of Bari, Ancona, Trieste and Brindisi (Italy).


E-mail: portidurres@mrp.gov.al



Portual authorities operate 24 hours.

Maritime line Durrës – Trieste is operated by “Adria Ferries “agency

Tel: 355 52 220105,



Maritime line Durrës – Bari, besides‘Adria Ferries “company it is operated by “Duni Port Agency “ferry lines “Nobel

Maritime Inc” ( tel 355 52 230200, www.duniport.al)


“Euro Ferries” ferry line “Northbay Maritimos Lda Madeira

(tel 355 52 906448)


“Ionian Island “ferry line“ European Seaways”

(tel: 355 52 27234, www.europeanseaways )


Maritime line Durrës – Ankona operated by

“Adria Ferries” agency


Maritime lineDurrës – Brindisi operated by

“Euro Ferries”agency


Port of Vlora

It connects with the Italian port of Brindisi,



E-mail: portivlore@mrp.gov.al


Portual procedures until 22:00


This ferry line is operated by companies“ Gerveni Travel” by

ferry line “Red Star”

Tel 355/033400441,

mob 0692032299, E-mail: gervenishiping@hotmail.com

“Ruci Line” company by the ferry line “Horison”


Port of Saranda

Provides daily passenger trips to the Greek island of Corfu,



E-mail: portsarande@mrp.gov.al


Portual procedures until 22:00

This line is operated by the company’s ferries“Flying Dolphin SA” by ferry line Santa, Santa III and Kristina


“Marina Maritime S.A.” company by ferry line Kristi dhe



By Land

The Republic of Albania connects to its neighboring countries through land cross border check points. Cross border check points below:



– Hani i Hotit border check point (Bozhaj the Montengerin side) that links Shkodra to Tuz and Podgorice.

Customs procedures provided until 22.00.

E-mali: hanihotit@mrp.gov.al


– Through Muriqan border check point (Sukob on the Montenegrin side) which connects Shkoder with Ulqin.

Customs procedures provided until 22.00.

E-mail: murriqan@mrp.gov.al

Tel & Fax:00355 26290070


– Through the cross border check point of Vermosh that links Kelmend region to the Plave and Guci area.

Customs procedures provided until 22.00.



– Through border check point of Qafe e Morines (Kosovar side is called check point of Vermice) that connacts Kukes with Prizren.

E-mail: morine@mrp.gov.al


– Through Morine border check point that connects Bajram Curri with Gjakove.


– Through Qafe e Prushit border check point that connects Bytyç and Has area with Gjakove.


– Through Shishtavec border check point that connects the area with Brod and Grgash.



– Through Qafe e Thanes (Kafasan on the Macedonian side) border check point that connects Pogradec with the Struge and other Albanian regions.

Customs procedures are provided until 22.00.

E-mail: qafethane@mrp.gov.al

Tel & Fax:00355 8326166


– Through Tushemisht border check point that connects Pogradec with Shen Naum and the southern part of Ohrid Lake.

Customs procedures provided until 22.00.

E-mail: tushemisht@mrp.gov.al


– Through Bllate border check point that connects Peshkopi with Bulqize and Diber e Madhe.

Customs procedures provided until 22.00.

E-mail: pkkbllade@mrp.gov.al


– Through Gorice border check point (Stenje on the Macedonian side) that connects Prespa e Madhe lakeshores on both sides of the border.

Customs procedures provided until 19.00.

E- mail: goric@mrp.gov.al



– Through Kakavie border check point that connects Gjirokaster with Janine.

Custums’ procedures are provided 24 hours a day.

E-mail: kakavije@mrp.gov.al


– Kapshtice border check point (Kristalopigi on the Greek side) that connects Korça with Follorine and Thessaloniki.

Customs procedures provided 24 hours a day.

E-mail: pkkkapshtice@mrp.gov.al


– Through Tre Urat border check point that connects Permet with Konice on the Greek side border.

Customs procedures are provided until 22.00.

E-mail: pkktreurat@mrp.gov.al


– Through Qafe Bote border check point that connects Konispol with Filat on the Greek side border.

Customs procedures are provided until 22.00.

E-mail: qafebot@mrp.gov.al


Who can Visit Albania without visa : Check out  Citizens who can enter the Republic of Albania

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