• Duration

    3 days 2 nights

  • Location

    Thethi and Valbona

  • Season

    May – September

  • Price

    139 € pax per group tour

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Hiking in the north of Albania

If you are looking for a virgin nature, unexplored and unique mountains, well that is northern Albania that you are looking for. Hiking and exploring one of the most attractive pearls of Balkan. Sailing into one of the mighty rivers of Albania, river Drin and encounter with the open-armed locals, for whom travelers are still a novelty.
A very old and traditional culture and cuisine of the natives. In this trip we will have the opportunity to look both two big national parks, Valbon and Theth, as well hiking in one of the most attractive trails from Theth to Valbona.

Day 1: Tiranë – Theth- Stone bathtubs – Blue Eye

✿ Depart from Tirana at 06:00 at the Jordan Misja Artistic Lyceum;

✿ Coffee break on the way;

✿ Arrival and accommodation in Theth;

✿ Taking local Transportation to Ndërlysaj ( nearly 35 min ) ;

✿ Walk to Blue Eye from Ndërlysaj ( nearly 1h ) ;

✿ Free time for lunch;

✿ Return in Theth;

✿ Short walk to Defense Tower and Thethi waterfall;

✿ Dinner;

Day 2: Theth – Qafa e Valbonës – Valbonë

✿ Early breakfast;

✿ 07:00 ready for hike that longs 6-7 hours (Optimal time 6 h) ;

✿ During hike we will have short breaks along the way and 2 long ones;

✿ Arrival in Valbonë, traditional lunch;

✿ Accommodation in guesthuose;

✿ Free time;

✿ Dinner;

Day 3: Valbonë – Lumi Shalës – Tiranë

✿ Breakfast;

✿ Time to explore the village;

✿ Depart from Valbonë;

✿ Arrival in Fierzë;

✿ Boat ride to Lumi Shalës;

✿ Free time to explore the area and swim on the river;

✿ Free time for lunch;

✿ 21:30 o`clock, arrival in Tiranë.

Price Table

All transport
All dinners
All breakfast
Second day lunch
Tour Guide
Defense Tower ticket
Ferry tickets to Koman lake and Shala river

Komani Lake

Lake Koman was declared the 2015 destination to be visited by tourists who want to see the beauties of Albania. It can be passed through with a ferry that departs every day from Koman in Fierza. This is an artificial lake created during the period of electrification. One of the special feelings is that walking with target explores the surrounding mountains, and it looks like you’re in a world that is not real.

Valbona Valley

Valbona Valley National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombëtar “Lugina e Valbonës”), also called the “Albanian miracle of the Alps,”  is a part of the Albanian Alps. Designated in 1996, the park covers 8,000 hectares, including the Valbona Valley and the Valbona River, and lies between high and craggy peaks bordering on Thethi National Park, the Gashi River, Plava, and Gucia, all strictly protected natural areas. This park is also referred to as the “Gem of Albania.” Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro are planning to create another tri-state park in the area that will be called the Balkan Peace Park. Four villages are located within the park (Dragobi, Valbona,Cerem, and Rragam) with 852 inhabitants. All of these factors create more favorable conditions for coexistence and socioeconomic development, including Valbona National Park. Clean air, high and characteristic mountain peaks, lakes, numerous water resources, forests, mountains, flora, and fauna provide conditions for profitable ecotourism.

Bajram Curri

Bajram Curri is a town and a former municipality in Kukës County, Northern Albania, near the border with Kosovo, in a mostly mountainous region. At the 2015 local government reform, it became a subdivision and the seat of the municipality Tropojë. The population at the 2011 census was 5,340. Bajram Curri is located down the valley of the river Valbonë. It is the main access point by road to the villages of Valbona and Rrogam. Water from the mountains flows into the waters of the Valbonë, the latter being famous for having the clearest river water in Albania.

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