• Duration

    7- 9 hours

  • Location

    Petrele, Albania

  • Price

    From 40 €

  • Distance

    18.4 Km

Book Your Tour –   Petrelë-Zipline, Albania

    From: 150.00


    Start point: Tirana, Albania

    Time: 09:00

    ✿ Departure from our offices (Rruga Myslym Shyri 7, Tiranë, near Intersport);

    ✿ Arrival at Petrela Castle;

    ✿ Exploring Petrela Castle;

    ✿ Time to experience the Zip Line;

    ✿ Free time to consume lunch;

    ✿ Visit the antique walls of Përsqopi;

    ✿ Visit the antique Shrine of the Bride’s Tomb

    ✿ Return to Tirana.

    • Transport
    • Tour Guide
    • Zipline ticket
    • Air-Conditioned Vehicle
    • Language Offered: English

    Everything not mentioned above

    • don’t forget your camera
    • wear comfortable hiking shoes
    • 1.5l of water
    • dried fruits (dried grapes, nuts, etc.), chocolate bars, caffeinated gel packets, energy and granola bars.
    • your lunch (if you want to have a picnic)
    • backpack
    • not wheelchair accessible
    • smoking inside the vehicle is prohibited
    • eating inside the vehicle is prohibited
    • most travelers can participate
    • pets allowed (only on personal tours)
    • this experience does not require a minimum number of travelers.
    • children under 8 years will pay 20% of the price
    • pick up offered at your hotel: 5€/pp
    • We reserve the right to let other travellers join if they ask for the same destination on your same day. Price will be reduced accordingly. We can arrange private tours for a 25% extra cost based on the value of the standard option. In case you wish a completely private tour contact us.

    For 60 % refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.

    For full refund, cancel at least 72 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.

    There are 3 options for the payment:

    1. POK Pay,
    2. OTP Bank ,
    3. Pay at our office 1 day in advance.

    Daily Tour to Petrelë-Zipline

    It is known for its castle and history. In ancient times, Petrelë was known as Petralba, which translated from Greek means “the stone” of “alba,” therefore “the stone of Albanians.” It is called such because the town and its castle are built on a huge stone on top of a small mountain.

    Petrela Castle has a rich history. Initially constructed in the 6th century AD, the present building dates back to the 15th century. During Skanderbeg’s fight against the Ottomans, Petrela Castle was under the command of his sister, Mamica Kastrioti. Today, there is a restaurant inside the castle. The castle offers spectacular views of the Erzen valley, the hills, olive groves, and surrounding mountains.

    The Persqopi settlement can be dated to the second half of the 4th century BC. No ancient author mentions it by its current Perqopi name. It is thought to have been inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of the Parthini. At 590 m over the level of the sea, its strategic position facilitated the control of a large territory of the roads around the mountain. Its fortifying wall is one of the best preserved in Albanian territory and is 60 m long and 7 m high.

    The Bride’s Tomb is situated in Mullet Village, close to Maxhara Church.

    It is in the middle of a field and stands in very good conditions. The legend says that a bride was killed there on her wedding day. Two rival groups were encountered in this place and started shooting. The convoy with a bride was passing at that moment on that way. She was shot accidentally and died there. In that place, the villagers built this monument called the Bride’s Tomb. Given the function similar to the tombs of the Ottoman period, it is thought that it may belong to the century. XVII.

    Zipline in Petrela is the first professional Zipline in Albania and the longest one in the region, at 1250 m. offers an amazing view of Petrela Castle and the Erzeni River;

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